University of San Francisco Master of Science in Health Informatics

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The University of San Francisco offers a unique Master of Science in Health Informatics degree focused on training the next generation of informaticists in the art and science of health data analytics at the intersection of biomedical science, analytics, and clinical practice. Students gain a broad knowledge of the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape and deep understanding of healthcare data; from the basics of programming to cutting-edge statistical and machine learning methods in interprofessional, project-based classrooms.

This 36 unit curriculum provides a solid technical and scientific foundation and provides specialized knowledge, practical clinical insight, and analytical approaches that will allow students to further the knowledge base of the discipline. Students will learn how to:

  • Apply ‘big data’ to large medical datasets and clinical applications
  • Design advanced information systems and learn to create mobile health apps
  • Reduce disparities in underserved populations using advanced technology
  • Completed in as little as one (1) year
  • No GRE Required