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CHIACON20 pivoted into a virtual event that provided California's health information community a first-class learning experience with over 40 hours of continuing education. Health information professionals from across the state are invited to experience learning in innovative ways that will translate into real-world solutions and be embraced long after the virtual event.

Multiple CEU packages and pricing options available to fit any need and budget. Broaden your knowledge in this dynamic educational opportunity.

Designed for flexible access anytime, anywhere, the Virtual CHIACON20 offers:

  • eLearning Tracks to customize your education into focused topics
  • Master Class options addressing today’s health information and healthcare challenges and prospective solutions*
  • Industry Innovation presentations to discover health information solutions by CHIA Corporate Partners and vendors
  • General Sessions from thought leaders that will inspire and empower the health information community* 

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*Recorded version provided. Live event held June 15-17, 2020

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Multiple packages & pricing
options to fit any budget!

Popular Package includes:

  • 20 CEUs
  • Four eLearning Tracks 
  • Both Day's General Sessions

Other packages options:

  • All Access Package (44 CEUs)
  • Two Day Package (12 CEUs)
  • One Day Package (6 CEUs)
  • One Track Only (4 CEUs)
  • One Day General Sessions (2 CEUs)
CHIACON20 Highlights

The Virtual CHIACON20 includes prerecorded eLearning Tracks, Master Classes and General Sessions. View program descriptions and presenter detail on the Virtual CHIACON20 Program webpage

Attendees will enjoy an array of virtual highlights. 

eLearning Tracks
Discover innovative leading practices from industry experts who will provide solutions tackling today’s HIM challenges in ten (10) organized tracks. Customize your education into focused learning topics. All eLearning Tracks are prerecorded.

  • Track 1: Health Information Integrity Best Practices
  • Track 2: Organizational Management and Leadership
  • Track 3: Innovation
  • Track 4: Consumer Advocacy
  • Track 5: Evolving Topics


  • Track 6: Patient Experience
  • Track 7: Privacy, Security and Cybersecurity1
  • Track 8: Mid-Revenue Cycle1
  • Track 9: Coding, CDI and Compliance1
  • Track 10: eHIM/EHR Best Practices1

 1Includes one Master Class

Master Classes*
Engage with professional colleagues in the HIM Community for thought-leading discussions from like-minded leaders who will collaborate with participants to address today’s HIM challenges and prospective solutions. All Master Classes were hosted live and the recorded version is provided; included within the selection of tracks 7-10.

Included with Track 7

Privacy Dashboards:
What Should be
Tracked and Reported

Since multiple departments may release protected health information, privacy is an enterprise-wide concern. Review ways to stay ahead of the curve through data monitoring by using privacy dashboards and analytics. Learn more.

Included with Track 8

HIM Management in the Revenue Cycle Space

Participate in a roundtable discussion with other HIM professionals who are actively involved with revenue cycle integrity within their organizations. Join in an open discussion of what is working well, where the challenges lie and how the revenue cycle space can become a future direction for more HIM professionals. Learn More. 

Included with Track 9

ICD-10 Coding Survivor:
Who’s Getting Voted
Off the Island?

Join coding professionals for an exciting game of ICD-10 Coding Survivor. This interactive coding session encourages attendees to learn while showing off their coding skills. Questions about ICD-10-CM/PCS, CPT and specific coding scenarios will be featured. Don't miss this fun educational event! Learn more.

Included with Track 10

Population Health:
More than a Medical Record


A HIM Professional Panel will highlight technology and current best practices in positive patient matching, including: getting providers data management; developing population management based on "clean data"; and the impacts on community and population for fully integrated care. Learn more.

Sponsored by:

*Recorded version provided. Live event held June 17, 2020

Industry Innovation Presentations
Discover HIM products and services that facilitate  operational best practices and HIM solutions from CHIA Corporate Partners and vendors. All Industry Innovations are prerecorded and included within the selection of tracks 1-6.

CHIA Corporate Partner Innovators include: 


Monday/Tuesday General Sessions*
Be inspired and empowered to tackle the changes facing the HIM community from leading thought leaders. 

If You’re in the Driver’s Seat, Why Are you Lost? A Roadmap to an Amazing Life!

Overwhelmed with the changes in the HIM industry? Struggling with the never-ending cycle of new ideas and management strategies where you were not even a part of the discussion? It is time to recalibrate! Change your life and get on the road to building success in your life and career. Learn more.
headshotDr. Lawana Gladney
Emotional Wellness Doctor, Speaker, Trainer, Author and CEO of Emotional Wellness
Virtual Reality: A Review of the Future

The use of virtual reality (VR) simulation technology has encouraging results when addressing cognitive, psychological, motor and functional impairments. Hear a description of the various forms of VR technology and find out about the use of AI and virtual human technology. Learn More. 
HeadshotAlbert "Skip" Rizzo, Ph.D.
Director, Medical Virtual Reality; Institute for Creative Technologies and 
Research Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry and School of Gerontology; University of Southern California
Current Federal and California Telehealth Policy Change Updates:
What to Expect for 2020-2021

Hear an update of the changes to telehealth policy, both nationally and in California. Find out what’s on the horizon and where telehealth could be headed next, including policy trends. Learn more.
headshotMei Kwong, JD
Executive Director;
Center for Connected Health Policy
The Power and Limitations of Artificial Intelligence to Impact Patient
Outcomes Through Data Integrity

Understand the process by which AI can gather, sort and analyze health information to be reliable, consistent and actionable. Learn More.
headshotAlan Young, MD, MBA, PMP
Chief Medical Officer;
   *Recorded version provided. Live event held June 15-16, 2020 
Schedule At-a-Glance

The Virtual CHIACON20 includes prerecorded eLearning Tracks, Master Classes and General Sessions. View program descriptions and presenter detail on the Virtual CHIACON20 Program webpage

NOTE: The live presentations occured June 15-17, 2020 and the recorded version is provided.

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DAY 1 - CATALYZE Health Information Integrity
 Monday General SessionKEYNOTE: If You’re in the Driver’s Seat, Why Are You Lost? A Roadmap to an Amazing Life!
- Dr. Lawana Gladney
Monday General SessionVirtual Reality: A Review of the Future
- Dr. Albert "Skip"  Rizzo; Director, Medical Virtual Reality and Research Professor
Health Information Integrity
Best Practices
Organizational Management
and Leadership
 (T1.1) Why Isn't Patient Search as Easy as Google?
- Innovator  
(T2.1) Release of Information: Industry Changes and the Road to the Right Solution
- Innovator: MRO 
 (T3.1) Closing the Loop Between Clinical Care and Revenue Integrity

 (T1.2) How Original is your EHR Clinical Documentation
- Cassi Birnbaum
 (T2.2) Your Role in the Future Workforce
- Borth, Calla Cabanada, Jagielinski, Kuleck, Mamoon, Robertson, Spitler
 (T3.2) Compliant Templates and Mobile Technology Essential To Remote Query Workflow
- Innovator: Artifact Health 
 (T1.3) Using EMPI Tools to Get the Most from your Archived Data
- Letha Stewart
 (T2.3) Picking Up the Pieces of the Pandemic
- Panel: Jenkins, Premeau, Thomas, Tolentino 
 (T3.3) The Role of HIM in Data Analytics: Don’t Be Left Out
- Colleen Goethals

 (T1.4) Leading MPI Management: Improving Data Quality and Minimizing Errors - Karen Proffitt (T2.4) Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management Update - Debra Primeau (T3.4) The Thoughtful Disruptor's Guide to Leading Innovative Change - Maria Caban Alizondo
DAY 2 - PARTNER to Accelerate Innovation
Tuesday General SessionCurrent Federal and California Telehealth Policy Change Updates: What to Expect for 2020-2021
- Mei Kwong; Executive Director
Tuesday General SessionThe Power and Limitations of Artificial Intelligence to Impact Patient Outcomes Through Data Integrity
- Dr. Alan Young; Chief Medical Officer
Consumer Advocacy
Evolving Topics
Patient Experience
 (T4.1) Individuals’ Right to Access: What’s Happening in the Industry
- Innovator: MMRA  
 (T5.1) Career Development 2020: Staying Ahead of the Curve
- Innovator: Norwood Staffing Solutions 
 (T6.1) Easy Ways to Empower Patients: Usage Data from the Record Request Wizard swellbox
- Innovator
 (T4.2) CMS Price Transparency Requirement: How to Comply by January 1, 2021
- Innovator: Panacea Healthcare Solutions 
 (T5.2) Unraveling the Information Governance Assessment
- Innovator PCG

 (T6.2) Physician Burnout to Business Traction
- Innovator: Aquity Solutions
 (T4.3) OSHPD 2020: What You Need To Know
- Panel: Langston, Skallet, Tapney
 (T5.3) HIM’s Role in Today’s Health Care Eco-System as HIM is Reimagined - Rita Bowen (T6.3) ROI Strategies: Improving Quality, Turn Around Time and Patient Access - Adriana Preciado
 (T4.4) Patient Advocacy for the Aging Population
- Kie Copenhaver
 (T5.4) Exploring Social Determinants of Health in the Medical Record
 - Stacy Rogers and Destinee Tormey
 (T6.4) Understanding the Patient Experience and Access Through the Eyes of Revenue Cycle - Susan Labow
DAY 3 - CONNECT the Health Information Community
Master Class
(Included with Track 7) 
(T7.1-MC) Privacy Dashboards: What Should be Tracked and Reported
- Rita Bowen and Connie Renda
Master Class
(Included with Track 8) 
(T8.1-MC) HIM Management in the Revenue Cycle Space
- Moderator: Melany Merryman
Master Class
(Included with Track 9)
(T9.1-MC) ICD-10 Coding Survivor: Who’s Getting Voted Off the Island?
- Moderator: Deanna Klure and Caleb Jesudasson
Master Class
(Included with Track 10) 
(T10.1-MC) Population Health: More than a Medical Record
- HIM Professional Panel
Privacy, Security and Cybersecurity
Mid-Revenue Cycle
Coding, CDI and Compliance
eHIM/EHR Best Practices
 (T7.2) Lock Your Backdoor: Steps to Ensure Business Associate Compliance - Bill Wagner
 (T8.2) Preventing and Appealing Denials - Margaret DeFilippis (T9.2) Common Coding Errors
- Karen Pickering
 (T10.2) Artificial Intelligence in Health Care - Dana Victor
 (T7.3) Into the Breach: Successfully Coming Out on the Other Side
- Daniel Sergile

 (T8.3) National and California CC/MCC and Case Mix Trends - Maureen Matthews and Sandy Brewton (T9.3) 2021 and the Future of E/M Coding - Nena Scott (T10.3) Consent Management: Challenges, Opportunities and Future Direction - Daniel Chavez
 (T7.4) How Ransomware Can Ruin the Day: Ways to Win Against Attackers - Kevin McDonald
 (T8.4) Creating a Culture of Excellence in Revenue Cycle
- Diane Premeau, Tammy Higgason
 (T9.4) How to Have a Successful CDI Program with "Just a Bunch of Coders" - Ruth Hauser (T10.4) Patient Portals: Serving the Underserved
- Maria Caban Alizondo
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