CHIA Delegates to AHIMA

CHIA supports and promotes broader communications and increased CHIA member participation in the issues, concerns and goals of CHIA and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). CHIA’s elected representatives to the AHIMA House of Delegates represent CHIA in AHIMA House of Delegates activities and decisions.

2020 - 2021 CHIA Delegates to AHIMA

Melany Merryman, MSL, RHIA - Chief Delegate
Larry Smith, MHA, RHIA - Second Delegate
Shirley Lewis, DPA, MHA, RHIA, CCS, CPHQ, CHC - Second Year
Roberta Baranda, MS, RHIA, CHP (SHIA) - First Year
Vilena Boussarova, MS, RHIA, CHDA, CCS - First Year
Liz Duggan Graham, RHIT, CCS - Alternate
Sandy Hames, MLS, RHIA, CHP - Alternate

2020 House of Delegates Meeting - October 17, 2020

The CHIA Delegates to AHIMA will participate in the virtual House of Delegates on Saturday, October 17, 2020. CHIA Delegates to AHIMA are seeking input from CHIA members regarding the proposed changes to the AHIMA Bylaws and Six Strategic Pathfinder Sessions. Here is information about these and other initiatives to be discussed at the House of Delegates. To provide feedback contact CHIA’s President/Chief Delegate at

AHIMA20 House of Delegates Meeting Summary
Strategic Pathfinder (Breakout) Sessions
Professional Enhancement Campaign/Patient Matching Naming Policy Pledge
Call to Action - Professional Enhancement Campaign
Bylaws Amendments
Bylaws Amendments - FAQ
AHIMA 2019 Annual Report
2020-2023 Enterprise Strategic Plan

CHIA’s Town Hall Webinar - October 8, 2020
AHIMA House Of Delegates-Town Hall Webinar