Recognition Award Categories

Distinguished Member Award

The Distinguished Member Award is CHIA’s highest award. The purpose of this award is to honor an Active Member of CHIA who has shown exemplary leadership within our organization and has made outstanding contributions to the profession and the professional association.

To be eligible to receive the Distinguished Member Award, candidates must have made continuing outstanding contributions to the profession in more than one of the following:

A. Exemplary Services to the Association.
B. Outstanding achievement in professional practice.
C. Leadership in education.
D. Contributions in research or published materials.

Criteria used for the Distinguished Member Award include the following:

  1. Exemplary volunteer service at the CHIA or CLA level as an officer, director, committee, task force chair or member, or representative of the HIM field at government hearings for CHIA.
  2. CHIA participation as President, Director, Committee Chair/member or Special Ap¬pointee.
  3. HIM Professionals who exemplify unusual vision and leadership in understanding HIM philosophy
  4. Development or refinement of professional theory and/or techniques in specialty area.
  5. Dissemination of knowledge of practice through consultation to others in the field. recognized resource person in a specialty area.
  6. Significant original research or authorship, editing, or service on editorial board for journals, books, monographs, and other publications that advances the HIM profession.
  7. Regular presenter at HIM at local or state workshops, meetings, seminars or conferences.
  8. Instructor in academic programs as adjunct faculty, guest lecturer and/or clinical super¬visor.
  9. Instructor in in-service training programs as presenter or co-presenter.
  10. Individuals who have made important advances in areas related to e-HIM™.
  11. Significant original research or authorship, editing, or service on editorial board for journals, books, monographs, and other publications that advances the HIM profession.

Professional Achievement Award

To be eligible for nomination of the Professional Achievement Award, the candidate must be an Active member of CHIA and have made current outstanding contributions in one of the following:

A. Demonstrated professional and technical expertise
B. Achievement in an area of professional practice.
C. Leadership in educational services.

Criteria used for the Professional Achievement Award include:

  1. Recognition by employers through letters, outstanding employee awards, special as¬signments and achievements.
  2. Recognition by the Component Local Association through a Distinguished Member Award, letters of recognition or other special awards.
  3. Recognition by other agencies, professional groups or persons having provided special awards or special letters of distinction.
  4. Employing HIM practice in alternate careers not limited to the healthcare industry.
  5. Development of a new theory or technique.
  6. Revision or expansion of an existing theory or technique.
  7. Successful implementation of advanced theory developed by another professional.
  8. Positioning the HIM profession as a leadership force in the healthcare industry.
  9. Presentations in local or state workshops, meetings, seminars or conferences.
  10. Instructor in academic programs as adjunct faculty, guest lecturer and/or clinical supervisor.
  11. Instructor of in-service training programs.
  12. Participation in advisory committee of approved programs in the allied health field.
  13. Contributions to education through developing educational strategies, media and/or innovative methods of instruction.

Educator Award

The Educator Award is for excellence in training new HIM professionals. The Health Information Management field depends on a continual influx of well-trained new talent. The Educator Award honors those who demonstrate excellence in preparing the next generation of professionals for HIM careers. Those who qualify include:

  1. Instructors who teach in a formal health information administration or health information technology program that grants associate, baccalaureate, or master’s degree, and who:
  2. Exemplifies excellence in teaching
  3. Develops and implements creative teaching tools and methods
  4. Demonstrates high standards of excellence and high expectations of students
  5. Instructor has impact as a role model
  6. Shows commitment to student mentoring in the classroom and beyond
  7. Has provided outstanding contributions in the research base of the HIM field

Literary Award

The candidates must be active members of CHIA and the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of published material that meets the selection criteria:

A. Published materials must be available to the health information profession through publication in a recognized professional journal, recognized professional association, or recognized publisher.
B. Published material must be a book or book chapter, journal article, monograph or instruc¬tional guide.
C. Materials other than books must be published within two years of the time of nomination.
D. Material must make a significant contribution to the health information/information use or management as it relates to any aspect of the health care delivery system in one or more of the following:

Criteria used for the Literary Award include:

  1. Presents new concepts.
  2. Presents an expansion, further development or revision of old concepts.
  3. Presents practical ideas and information on a current area of health information practice.

HIM Industry Champion Award

This award recognizes those individuals who have worked tirelessly to support the HIM profession by advancing CHIA’s leadership position. Nominees need not be CHIA members; they may be individuals or organizations that worked for CHIA on a contractual basis. Documentation of the nominee’s support of CHIA must be submitted. Examples of commendable services include:

  1. Advancing legislative initiatives that promote the interests of the HIM profession
  2. Serving the needs of CHIA members through advocacy of patient’s rights and confidentiality; educating the public on health information; or support and promotion of professional practice standards
  3. Significant financial support of key CHIA initiatives through sponsorship of special programs, scholarships, or grants

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award recognizes and encourages the best of the fresh new talent being trained in health information administration or health information technology degree granting-program. It honors a gifted student or promising new professional who embodies great hope as we look to the future of the HIM profession.

Qualified CHIA members who are a) students enrolled at the time of nomination in an approved HIA or HIT degree program, or who have graduated in the last three months; or b) HIM professionals who have been credentialed within the last seven years. Nominees must demonstrate significant potential for future leadership, innovation, creativity, and administrative capacity.

Potential sources for nominees include the following: AHIMA ACE members, State and Component Local Association Leaders, AHIMA Fellows, and other HIM professionals who have distinguished themselves as leaders.

Nomination criteria for the Rising Star Award include the following:

  1. Willingness to change tradition, take risks, think critically and to lead others in these processes
  2. Exceptional problem-solving ability with the capacity to envision the “big picture” in health information management and to make decisions accordingly
  3. Demonstrates excellence in the management of personnel, finances, or information systems
  4. Demonstrates commitment to the HIM profession through active participation in local, state, and national AHIMA activities-especially those that promote HIM education